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What is the Sikh Identity?

What is the Sikh Identity?


When you wear bana, turban, white bana, kara, beard, you are declaring that you are committed and have dedicated the self to the Guru and shall serve ALL even those who want to cheat you, or hurt you.

What is the Sikh Identity?

People do a lot to be noticed. Sikhs do not have to do anything to be noticed.

How many creative men are in the world? One question is, “Why are the Sikhs who have the prosperity losing their prospects?” I have the answer to that.

Because they have forgotten the great practices that were given to them.

Turban is not a piece of cloth. It is the self crowning of the individual. Hair on the face is not a decoration.

It is an acceptance of Akal Moorat, to live in image of the infinity. Guru Gobind Singh said “So long as you shall be ‘Niara’ specially exclusive, I will give you all the light of the Universe.”

To be a great teacher means to be the most perfect disciple, the most perfect student.

This is the space age, the platinum age. Our society is a mess. Forget your neurosis that you do not know who you are. The slogan of the Platinum Age shall be “ENDURANCE UNTO INFINITY.”

The goodness of the heart shall win and men of God will prevail. Everything has a price, and infinity has an infinite price.

What is the Sikh Identity?

It is presupposed that you are the men of God. You have your beard and you have your turban and you look divine…. but you don’t act divine… people get very disappointed.

Therefore the situation demands that you live it.

Sikh is nothing but identity. Without identity there’s no Sikh. Sikh is nothing but an identity of reality; without it, there is no Sikh religion.

The Guru took us from the mud, the rituals, waste of time, and said “live ‘niara’, exclusively identified.”

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