Guru Angad Dev Ji

Guru Angad Dev Ji

Introduction : –Guru Angad Dev Ji

Guru Angad Dev Ji, the second of the 10 Gurus, was born Lehna on March 31, 1504. Guru Angad Dev Ji was married to Bibi Khivi, the daughter of Devi Chand. As the second Guru of Sikhs, some

Guru Angad Dev Ji with guru nanak dev ji

of the main highlights of Guru Angad Dev’s life include:
1. Contributed 63 Shabads and Saloks (uncovered refrains), now enlisted in the Guru Granth Sahib.
2. Through their own particular life direct, Guruji showed the standards of Nishkam Sewa (magnanimous administration) to humankind, finish surrender to the Guru and to the will of God, and objection to exhibitionism and deception.
3. Formalized the present type of the Gurmukhi content.
4. Kept up and built up the establishment of Langar begun by Guru Nanak Dev Ji.
5. Voyage generally and built up a few new habitats for lecturing Sikhi.
6. Begun the custom of Mall Akhara to underline physical prosperity, to oblige profound improvement.

Gurmukhi Script and Education : –

Guru Angad Dev Ji began the schools and furthermore built up the Gurmukhi dialect keeping in mind the end goal to make instruction accessible to the oppressed and the underprivileged of the general public around them. Master Angad was an incredible educator who by and by showed Punjabi in Gurmukhi content to youngsters.

teaching by Guru Angad Dev Ji

He gave instruction and methods for correspondence to regular society who might never again be subject to the religious or political foundation to seek after their own monetary, instructive or profound objectives. This was his method for enabling individuals to have higher objectives throughout everyday life. A blemished Punjabi letter in order existed at the season of Guru Nanak, yet Guru Angad Dev Ji adjusted and cleaned it. Since the Guru Angad had embraced the altered letters in order, it was called ‘Gurmukhi’- implying what is talked through the mouth of the Guru.

Advantages of Gurmukhi Script: –
  Gurumukhi turned into the medium of writing in which the psalms of the Gurus were communicated and it likewise suited to the dialect of the general population. In spite of the fact that the inceptions of the Punjabi Alphabets are misty, obviously, Guru Angad promoted the utilization of this improved Gurumukhi content among the Sikhs beginning around 1541. The development of Gurumukhi helped the early Sikh people group to separate itself from the Sanskrit religious custom.

Sanskrit dialect was utilized by the Brahmins, the upper positions and it was the dialect of the Vedas, the Hindu religious writings. Individuals of lower stations and untouchables were banned from perusing any otherworldly writing. This kept up the status of the predominance of the upper positions. Gurmukhi empowered the Sikhs to develop and build up their own fair-minded profound writing. Making this new content was critical for some reasons. It gave the general population who talked this dialect their very own personality, empowering them to express their idea with no confinements.

This progression by Guru Angad Dev Ji anchored the unhindered advancement and development of Sikhism. Guru Angad Dev Ji additionally started the composition of the principal approved life story of Guru Nanak Ji finished in 1544, and in addition having various duplicates of Guru Nanak Dev Ji psalms composed out in the new Gurmukhi content.

Physical Fitness : –

Guru Angad Dev Ji took a distinct fascination in physical wellness and urged his fans to be associated with sports after their morning supplications. Master Angad Dev Ji enlivened individuals to have solid existences. As indicated by Guruji, in the event that you are physically fit just then you can seek after higher objectives throughout everyday life, in light of the fact that a sound personality can exist just in a sound body. He gave chances to underprivileged areas of the general public to keep up great wellbeing.

He urged all individuals to be engaged with wrestling sessions or Mal Akharas to contend in physical rivalries. This was again his method for getting rid of social taboos of individuals of lower position not having physical contact with higher ranks. These means started by him established the framework for a profoundly, instructed and illuminated, solid Sikh people group, without refinements of station and statement of faith.

Guru Angad Dev Ji’s Message: –

Equality: –equality message

Master Angad remained for a casteless and boorish society, in which nobody was better than the other and nobody, through insatiability or self-centeredness, could be permitted to infringe upon the privileges of others. So, he imagined a general public in which individuals lived like a family, aiding and supporting each other. He lectured fairness as well as rehearsed it. To advance the acknowledgment of human uniformity, Guru set up a networked kitchen where all sat together in succession, paying little mind to position or status, and ate a similar nourishment.

Master Angad stated, “He Himself makes, O Nanak; He sets up the different animals. How might anybody be called awful?. There is One Lord and Master of all; He watches over all and allows all to their undertakings. Some have less, and some have all the more; nobody is permitted to leave vacant.” – Guru Angad Dev Ji. Besides, the master focused on the significance of receiving a uniform method for commending God and the utility of a social association in view of equity. He built up a heavenly gathering, or Sangat, where individuals of various convictions and fluctuating societal position sat together to hear the Master’s singing of songs and to be enlivened to have a respectable existence.

Birth 1504 at Matte di Sarai in Muktsar District
Father / Mother Bhai Pheru / Mata Daya Kaur
Spouse Bibi Khivi
Sons and Daughter Sons: Dasu and Dattu
Daughter: Amaro
Guru Gaddi 1539 – 1552
City Founded Khadur Sahib ( Tarn Taran District)
Practice Incorporated Mal Akhara
Compositions Bhai Bale Wali Janam Sakhi ( Guru Nanak Dev ji Biography )
Invented Gurmukhi Script
Mughal Emperor at his time Himayun and Sher Shah Suri
His Successor Guru Amar Das ji
Jyoti Jot 1552 at Khadur Sahib


Jyoti Jot : –

Before Guru Angad Dev Ji left for his heavenly abode in 1552, they nominated Guru Amar Das ji as the third Guru of the Sikhs.

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