Sangrand Dates 2023

Puranmashi Dates 2023

Sangrand Dates 2023

SANGRAND comes from Sanskrit sankranti and means the first day of each month of the Indian solar calendar, based on the shifting of the sun from one house (rasi) to another. From quite early in human history, the sun, and its satellites, the planets, came to be regarded as objects endowed with celestial mind, a definite personality and the capability of influencing the destinies of human beings. They became the deities whose favourable intervention was sought by men in their affairs.

Nanakshahi Calendar 2023 – Hindu Calendar Dates

The worship of Surya, the Sun god, was a feature of Vedic times, and it has continued one way or another in the Indian tradition. A popular form has been the observance of Sankranti with ritual performances such as fasts, bathing at holy places and distribution of charity.

In the Sikh system, the only object of adoration is the supreme Being. No other deity is acknowledged. In the Sikh metaphor, the Guru is the Sun which illumines the mind of the disciple. Guru Nanak and Guru Arjan composed Baramahas or calendar poems with stanzas devoted to each of the twelve solar months. Guru Nanak in his poem describes the natural landscape from month to month along with the yearning of the bride (devotee) for God, the Beloved. In Guru Arjan’s stanzas is rendered the mood of the devotees in each month.

Sangrand Dates 2023 List

Month Date Sankranti Name
Sangrand January 2023 14th January 2023 Makara Sankranti
Sangrand February 2023 13th February 2023 Kumbha Sankranti
Sangrand March 2023 15th March 2023 Meena Sankranti
Sangrand April 2023 14th April 2023 Mesha Sankranti
Sangrand May 2023 15th May 2023 Vrishabha Sankranthi
Sangrand June 2023 15th June 2023 Mithuna Sankranti
Sangrand July 2023 16th July 2023 Karka Sankranti
Sangrand August 2023 17th August 2023 Simha Sankranti
Sangrand September 2023 17th September Kanya Sankranti
Sangrand October 2023 18th October 2023 Tula Sankranti
Sangrand November 2023 17th November 2023 Vrishchika Sankranti
Sangrand December 2023 16th December 2023 Dhanu Sankranti

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