Guru Angad Dev Ji Pictures HD Photos

Guru Angad Dev Ji Pictures HD Photos. Guru Angad Dev Ji, the second of the 10 Gurus, was born Lehna on March 31, 1504. Guru Angad Dev Ji was married to Bibi Khivi, the daughter of Devi Chand. As the second Guru of Sikhs, some

of the main highlights of Guru Angad Dev’s life include:
1. Contributed 63 Shabads and Saloks (uncovered refrains), now enlisted in the Guru Granth Sahib.
2. Through their own particular life direct, Guruji showed the standards of Nishkam Sewa (magnanimous administration) to humankind, finish surrender to the Guru and to the will of God, and objection to exhibitionism and deception.
3. Formalized the present type of the Gurmukhi content.
4. Kept up and built up the establishment of Langar begun by Guru Nanak Dev Ji.
5. Voyage generally and built up a few new habitats for lecturing Sikhi.
6. Begun the custom of Mall Akhara to underline physical prosperity, to oblige profound improvement.

Guru Ram Das Ji