Puranmashi Dates 2020

Puranmashi Dates 2020

Puranmashi Dates 2020
Puranmashi Dates 2020

PURANMASHI, in Sanskrit pumimd, is the day of the full moon, the last day of the moon`s bright phases. The day has sanctity in the Indian tradition and several ceremonial observances such as ritual bathing, fasting and giving away of charity are associated with it.

In the Sikh system, no special significance attaches to the day. Sikh Scripture contains three compositions, all titled Thiti or Thitiri devoted to the lunar days. The one by Guru Nanak recounts the day of the waning moon and thus makes no mention of Purnima.


Puranmashi Dates 2020 Day of Week
1. 10 January 2020 Friday
2. 9 February 2020 Sunday
3. 9 March 2020 Monday
4. 8 April 2020 Wednesday
5. 7 May 2020 Thursday
6. 5 June 2020 Friday
7. 5 July 2020 Sunday
8. 3 August 2020 Monday
9. 2 September 2020 Wednesday
10. 1 October 2020 Thursday
11. 31 October 2020 Saturday
12. 30 November 2020 Monday
13. 30 December 2020 Wednesday

The night of Full Moon is called Puranmashi (or Punia) in Punjabi and the Hindi word for this is Purnima. On this night, the moon is visible as a full circle and brighter than other days. As this is associated with the rotation of the moon around the earth and each cycle takes little more than 29 days, so the day of puranmashi comes after almost 29 days.

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