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Guru Teg Bahadur Ji


Introduction : –

Guru Teg Bahadur Ji

Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji, venerated by the Sikhs as Hind-di-Chadar (Protector of mankind), was the ninth of the Ten Gurus of Sikhism. He had progressed toward becoming Guru on 16 April 1664, following in the strides of his stupendous nephew and the eighth Guru, Guru Har Krishan ji.

A writer, a mastermind, and a warrior, Guru Teg Bahadur conveyed forward the light of sacredness and heavenly nature of Guru Nanak Dev ji and the resulting Sikh Gurus. He established the town of Chak-Nanki in the Punjab.

Becomes Sikh Guru : –

The duty of educating and controlling the Sikh people group was presently of Guru Tegh Bahadur’s. He was the point of convergence of adoration of the Sikhs. They came independently and in clusters to look for otherworldly comfort and motivation. What’s more, by his lessons and practice, he shaped their religious and social heart.
As had been the custom since Guru Har Gobind Ji , Guru Tegh Bahadur kept a mind blowing way of life. He had his furnished participation and different signs of eminence. In any case, he himself lived severely. Sikh or different records make no specify of any conflict with the decision control having happened amid his opportunity.

Kashmiri Pandits and Guru Tegh Bahadur : –

Aurangzeb, being cunning, chosen in the event that he could change over the adored Brahmin Pandits of Kashmir, at that point that would be a large number of supporters changed over. Undermined with transformation or demise, the Pandits overwhelmed by freeze, arrived in an appointment to Chakk Nanaki, Pargana Kahlur (from a contemporary passage in the Bhat Vahi (journal) of the purohit of Talauda in Jind Pargana) and asked for Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji’s assistance.

Guru Teg Bahadur Ji

Hearing the genuine idea of the discussion, Guru Ji’s multi year old child Gobind Rai Ji told his dad what the issue was. The Guru told his child of the Pandits difficulty and said that it would take a sacred man actually setting out his life to intervene. Gobind Rai reacted “Who might be superior to you to shield the poor Brahmins”. Master Tegh Bahadur Ji chose to go to bat for the privilege of flexibility of love and advised the designation to reveal to Aurangzeb that in the event that he could change over Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji, they would readily change over.

Gobind becomes 10th Sikh Guru : –

He had his child, Gobind Rai blessed Guru and successor on eighth July 1675. The service that had occurred seven times previously was rehashed: The Guru put five coins and a coconut before his child as an image of the Guru send going from him to his child; Gobind Rai was currently the Guru of the Sikhs at 9 years old years.
Master tegh Bahadur at that point left Anandpur for Delhi with 3 different Sikhs who knew also the threat they were to confront, Bhai Sati Das, Bhai Mati Das and Bhai Dayal Das.

 Guru Ji welcome in heaven:-

Guru Teg Bahadur Ji

Master Ji was decapitated on 24 November 1675, Bhai Jaita blessed Guru Ji’s separated make a beeline for Anandpur Sahib were it was incinerated by Guru Gobind Singh. A serious tempest had come up after the execution and Bhai Lakhi Shah conveyed Guru Ji’s body to his adjacent house, which he at that point set ablaze to cover the incineration of his Guru’s body.

It is said that Bhai Jaita’s own dad volunteered to be executed to cover the loss of the Guru’s body. A large number of the Pandits progressed toward becoming Sikhs their pioneer Kirpa Ram was purified through water as a Sikh and passed on battling the Moghuls with Guru Gobind Singh ji more established children.

Master Tegh Bahadur Ji had a flexible identity, a warrior, family man with social responsibility and a minister of extraordinary comprehension and vision. His affliction broke the fantasy of Aurangzeb’s religiosity.

The accomplishments of Guru Tegh Bahadur are noteworthy:

1. Amid the last time frame in Guru Ji life, Guru Ji established another town called Anandpur Sahib (City of Bliss) and went on teacher visits to UP and Bengal. Master Ji likewise started welfare extends all finished northern Panjab.

2. Master Ji symbolized the triumph of good finished wickedness, Guru Ji’s suffering, remarkable ever of, propelled numerous Sikhs to set out their lives for honorable motivations and good qualities.

3. Master Ji was additionally a flexible writer and exemplified a message of opportunity, fearlessness and sympathy; “Dread not and terrify not.”

Birth 1621 at Amritsar
Father / Mother Guru Hargobing Ji / Mata Nanki
Spouse Gujari Ji
Sons Gobind Rai
Guru Gaddi 1664 – 1675
Known as Hind -di-chader
City Founded Chakk Nanaki (Anandpur Sahib )
Beheaded On the Orders of Emperor Aurangzeb , By the axe of jalal-ud-din of Samana , At Chandni Chowk Delhi
Mughal Emperor at his time Aurangzeb
Dismebered body was cremated By Lakhi Shah Lubana at his cottage known as Gurudwara Rikab Ganj
Secered Head was Lifted By Bhai Jaita who carried it to Anandpur Sahib
His Secered Head was cremated By guru gobind singh ji , At Gurudwara Sis Ganjh, Anandpur Sahib
Successor Guru Gobind Singh Ji
Jyoti Jot 1675 at Chandni Chowk Delhi


Jyoti Jot : –

Before Guru Ji passed away, he had nominated his son as the next Guru of the Sikhs – Sri Guru Gobind Singh JiGuru ji passed away in 1675.