Guru Har Gobind Ji

Introduction : –

Guru Har Gobind Ji

Master HarGobind Ji was the 6th of the Ten Gurus of Sikhism. He progressed toward becoming Guru on the 11 of June, 1606, following in the strides of his dad, Guru Arjan Dev Ji. While the formal customs were being performed by Baba Buddha Ji, Guru HarGobind Ji requested that Baba Buddha decorate him with a sword instead of the Seli of Guru Nanak Dev Ji which had been utilized beforehand by the before Gurus.
Master Hargobind Ji at that point put on not one, but rather two swords; one on his left side and the other to his right side. He named one “Miri,” speaking to Temporal Power, and the other “Piri,” speaking to Spiritual Power, one to destroy the oppressor and the other to ensure the guiltless. He told his adherents: “In the Guru’s home, otherworldly and ordinary forces will be joined. My rosary will be the sword-belt and on my turban, I will wear a Kalgi” (The Kalgi was a trimming for the turban which was worn by the Mughal and Hindu leaders of the time).

Akal Takht : –

Guru Har Gobind Ji

Master Hargobind Ji developed the Akal Takht (God’s position of royalty) before Harmandar Sahib in 1606. There, he sat on a raised stage of twelve feet, attired in regal garments. The Harmandar Sahib was the seat of his profound expert and the Akal Takht was the seat of his fleeting (common) specialist.

This denoted the start of Sikh militarization. To the images of sainthood were included characteristics of sway, including the umbrella and the Kalgi. Guru HarGobind jI regulated equity like a lord, granting respects and allotting discipline. The Akal Takht was the principal Takht ever of Sikhs. As per Cunningham: “The agreeable air of the military messenger drove him to cheer in the fellowship of a camp, in the perils of war, and in the fervors of the pursuit.”

People hostile towards young Guru : –

There were numerous individuals who were antagonistic towards Guru HarGobind when he accepted initiative of the Sikhs. His uncle, Prithi Mal, who was the sibling of Guru Arjan, proceeded with his interests against Guru HarGobind. Prithi Mal had, unsuccessfully, attempted to murder Guru HarGobind by releasing a dangerous snake upon when he was a kid. Prithi Mal kept on grumbling about the Guru to Emperor Jahangir.
Chandu Shah, who had been the chief figure in grumbling to Jahangir about Guru Arjan Dev Ji, exchanged his dangers towards Guru HarGobind.

Shaikh Ahmad Sirhandi was unfriendly towards the Sikh Gurus and most likely affected the Emperor, as well.
Sovereign Jahangir was frightful that Guru HarGobind may look for vindicate for his dad’s capture, torment, and ensuing passing.


Birth 1595 at Wadali Village near Amritsar
Father / Mother Guru Arjun Dev ji / Mata Ganga
Mata Damodari, Mata marvahi, Mata Nanki
Sons and Daughter Gurditta / Ani Rai / Suraj Mal / Atal Rai / Tegh Bahadur / Bibi Viro ji
Guru Gaddi 1606 – 1644
City Founded Kiratpur
Known as Bandi Choor
Introduced Miri and Piri
Constructed Akal Takht
Fortified Amritsar
Mughal Emperor at his time Jahangir and Shah Jahan
His Successor Guru Har Rai ji
Jyoti Jot 1644 at Kiratpur

Jyoti Jot : –

In 1701 (Bikrami) Guru Ji called his followers and passed on the Guruship to his grandson, Sri Har Rai Ji in their presence. He passed away that same evening. It was the third day of March in year 1644. Guru ji passed away 1644 at Kiratpur.